I am proud to announce the opening of, on the internet. This has been a labor of love for us. The goal of my site, was to help everyone in need, find a good well run Sober Living Home, quickly and easily. Find Sober Homes, is a national search site including every state in the nation. All homes approved for our site will be verified for qualities we would expect for ourselves.

As a Sober Living Home manager, I saw the urgency to go directly from rehab into a Sober Living Home (SLH). The time between leaving rehab and entering an SLH is critical. Should you wait, for any period of time before entering an SLH, it could be too late.

The addict mind never sleeps, and never passes up an opportunity to take advantage of a weakness. The gap between rehab and the after care of an SLH is the perfect time for the addicted mind to grab ahold again.

One of the important features of Find Sober Homes, is the ability for homes to  update their availability and post it on our site. This feature is so important to individuals and families looking to find immediate availability for their loved one.

Find Sober Homes is well laid out and easy to navigate. Wether you are looking locally or in another region of the country you will be able to find the quality home you are looking for.

Other features on the site are news and information for sober living. There are blogs with tips for sober home managers, inspirational stories about sober living for families, and updated news and stories from around the country.

Having spent over two years in a SLH and maintained sobriety for over three years now, I am a huge proponent of sober living. I truly believe, Sober Living Homes are the key for sustaining long term sobriety.

Robert Apple


  1. I have been in the addiction field for over 35 years, many of them spent working in inpatient treatment programs. Treatment teams would be working with patients on developing continuing care plans as early as possible. Our experience, as well as continued research, is the longer someone is in treatment and in a supportive environment, the better the outcome. It will be a great benefit to all to have resources like

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