Why I am Supporting Facing Addiction’s Letter to Congress

I came across the Nonprofit, Facing Addiction; they need as many signatures as possible to help Congress to understand the magnitude of addiction in America and that the funds they have allocated to solve the problem won’t be enough given its scope.

See Facing Addiction’s site here: https://www.facingaddiction.org/#skip

Sign the letter to congress here: https://www.facingaddiction.org/fund-cara-2016

For those not familiar, here is the new CARA law. Source: Cadca.org

On July 22, 2016, President Obama signed into law the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (P.L. 114-198). This is the first major federal addiction legislation in 40 years, and the most comprehensive effort undertaken to address the opioid epidemic, encompassing all six pillars necessary for such a coordinated response – prevention, treatment, recovery, law enforcement, criminal justice reform, and overdose reversal. While it authorizes over $181 million each year in new funding to fight the opioid epidemic, monies must be appropriated every year, through the regular appropriations process, in order for it to be distributed in accordance with the law. This law was passed almost unanimously by both the house and the senate.

From what I have read on their website, Facing Addiction has put together a comprehensive coalition of people and organizations to aide in the fight against addiction. They have been able to assemble some of the best resources available thus far and are continuing to bring in others that can help.   

I personally found out how dedicated Facing Addiction is in bringing all voices to this cause when I sent them an email asking if I could write a blog supporting the letter they are taking to Congress. I was immediately contacted by Michael King, Facing Addictions Director of Outreach and Engagement. Michael replied back to my email and set up a time to contact me by phone.

This told me everything I needed to know about Facing Addiction and their commitment to include everyone in the universal fight against addiction. To take the time to reach out and engage with a small potato blogger such as myself spoke volumes to me about their vision to bring all resources together under one tent.

Here is Facing Addictions Mission Statement Taken from Their Website:

Facing Addiction Inc. is a national non-profit organization dedicated to finding solutions to the addiction crisis by unifying the voice of the over 45 million Americans and their families directly impacted by addiction.


Bring together the best resources in the field in order to reduce the human and social costs of addiction, every year, until this public health crisis is eliminated.


  • Build a national constituency to give the millions affected by addiction a voice
  • “Rebrand addiction” to create the understanding, empathy, outrage and demand urgently needed to advance solutions
  • Increase access to effective prevention, treatment and recovery programs
  • Translate scientific innovation into useful tools and services
  • Advocate for governments to implement evidence-based policies and regulatory practices to end addiction
  • Widely share the proof of long-term recovery

While reading their website, I was impressed with the resources they have compiled thus far. To date, they are building a huge coalition of recovery centers, clinics, after care facilities, and there is housing for recovery mentioned in their plans as well. I personally hope the housing for recovery includes Sober Living Homes. I was a manager of a Sober Living Home and am a big supporter of them.

They have brought on board a whole host of knowledgeable people for key positions. So, for me, Facing Addiction has the infrastructure in place as well as the capable people needed to reach their goals.

 This outreach to co-ordinate resources is just what the country needs to tackle America’s drug problem. Building this coalition will take the fight on addiction to the next level.

Breaking Down Their Vision

“Build a national constituency to give the millions affected by addiction a voice”

On their site, they have dedicated a section where anyone who has been affected by addiction can share their stories and opinions. This would include family, friends and relatives affected as well as professionals and organizations in the field of addiction and recovery.

I love this idea! We can learn so much from the stories of those affected and those in the field of recovery. This exchange of stories and opinions can lead to a more unified understanding of addiction and recovery. This would help build a stable community to educate people and help others suffering from addiction.

“Rebrand addiction”

Yes! This is absolutely necessary to move forward and get people to understand addiction as it really is: a curable disease. Trying to recover with the current stigma of addiction is incredibly challenging. Wherever an addict turns, they face prejudice. Addicts are in the fight of their lives, and having to deal with a stigma makes this fight overwhelming at times.  

Increase access to effective prevention, treatment and recovery programs

According to their website, the goal here is to make access to vital resources easier for those who desperately need them. From what I can tell, they would be focusing on making the connection to resources less fractured as it is presently and more organized. This would mean that, no matter where someone in need lives, an they could find all the resources and information available in one central location.

Translate scientific innovation into useful tools and services

Here they would address scientific innovations and getting these innovations out to the recovery communities for implementation. Currently there is a gap between scientific innovations and conversion into practical use in the field. This would close that gap and expedite the process of getting new innovations to people who can implement them.

Advocate for governments to implement evidence-based policies and regulatory practices to end addiction

This would consolidate the best practices based on evidence and have them integrated into a uniform approach to recovery. This would bear more evidence of proof that we are going in the right direction with recovery.

Widely share the proof of long-term recovery

This sharing of proof that there truly can be long-term recovery will help the recovery community in many ways. First, it will help with the perception that addiction is hopeless. Secondly, it can give motivation to those who are suffering and their families. I see this as very needed and instrumental to move forward in the fight against addiction.


It is my humble opinion that all of America needs to get behind Facing Addiction and their efforts to take this message of concern to Congress. Facing Addiction has taken on a huge task, and we all need to support them.

I urge all Americans to share this post to everyone one they know. Whether you are an addict or the family of an addict makes no difference. ALL Americans are affected by addiction, either personally or socially. Addiction wreaks havoc and destruction in our nation, and we need to do everything we can to stop it. Addiction has now surpassed car accidents as a cause of death in America.  

Please click this link and sign the letter to Congress. You have nothing to lose by doing so, and we have so much to gain as a nation. https://www.facingaddiction.org/fund-cara-2016

Robert Apple


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